Shadowboxing –Verb
The sharpest form of training for those who want to consistently compete at the top of their game.

For us this means never settling for good enough, always staying agile and treating yourself as your most important competitor. This is what we expect from ourselves and the brands we work with.

We are a venture studio - a senior, cross-functional team of strategists, creatives and engineers that partners with early-stage founders to accelerate their progress towards, and beyond, product-market fit. We have deep experience building ventures from zero-to-one and augmenting founding teams to spur growth.

We work for a mix of fee and equity, extending venture runway whilst building traction to ensure our partners successfully raise at higher valuations, sooner. Founders choose to partner with us to gain access to the skills and experience they need, when they need it, more cost-effectively than a lengthy talent search or going-it-alone.

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